Hal Eastman Photography

Vanishing Venice

The Vanishing Venice series is an ongoing project, contrasting female Italian dancers with Venetian architecture and the daily life of this unique and rhythmic city. Using a slow camera shutter speed gives some of the prints a slightly painterly feeling.

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Natural Dance #105

Natural Dance

The Natural Dance series is a celebration of the power of women dancers breaking free to express themselves intuitively in natural settings. Using a slow camera shutter speed to capture a lengthened moment in time, the Natural Dance images have an impressionist feel, resembling watercolor paintings. They encompass the full spectrum of nature, modern dance and ballet photography.

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Dancessence #10


The Dancessence series explores the pure heart of feminine dance and the exquisite sculpture of the dancers’ bodies: soft, strong, subtle, powerful, fluid, cursive, rhythmic, and elegant. The images incorporate ‘light painting’ techniques that Eastman developed—where the dancer is static in a completely dark studio but imagining herself moving, suspended in time and space. This gives the prints a look and feel similar to charcoal drawings.

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Dream Riders #10

Dream Riders

Dream Riders is a series of magical moments where bareback riders trained in Native American riding techniques are moving in total harmony with their horses in a dreamlike state. A slow camera shutter speed is used to capture a lengthened moment in time, creating an impressionist feel.

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Natural Rhythms #1

Natural Rhythms

The Natural Rhythms series captures simple rhythmic forms in nature. The series represents Eastman’s earliest work which inspired his later interest in dance.

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Slow Curves Ashley

Slow Curves

Slow Curves is a developing project inspired by a poetry line, “the slow curve of a woman’s cheekbone.” The photographs are abstract female figure studies created to resemble soft, ethereal drawings.

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